The Municipality of Clarington is starting a review of its Official Plan –
the road map that guides how Clarington will grow to 2051.

Special Meeting of Council - Share your ideas with us!

On June 27, 2023, the Municipality hosted a Special Meeting of Council to hear from residents and stakeholders about what should be explored as part of the Official Plan Review. This meeting represents the first opportunity of many that will be part of a comprehensive engagement program for this project. See resources from the meeting below or check out the “Discussion Paper” Section for more information. We greatly appreciate any feedback, comments or ideas.

Read the Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper

To get the conversation started, staff have prepared an Introductory Discussion Paper about the Official Plan Review. This paper will help you understand why the Official Plan is important, how it needs to change, and what opportunities we have to make sure our plan for 2051 covers what matters most.

Read the paper and share your thoughts and ideas using the contact information at the bottom of the page or filling out the Official Plan Review Discussion Questions.

Discussion Questions

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What is an Official Plan, and why are we reviewing it?

The Clarington Official Plan is our main policy document that establishes the long-term vision for our Municipality, manages growth and development, and guides capital investment decisions now and into the future.

Our Official Plan sets aspirations for what we want our Municipality to become. It affects every resident, business, and landowner in Clarington. Council decisions about development applications, neighbourhood needs and functions, and capital investments must align with the Official Plan.

The Official Plan is our strategic planning document that guides the physical, social, environmental, and economic development of a municipality to ensure land and resources are used efficiently and sustainably and to protect public health and safety.

Municipalities are required to update their Official Plans every five years.

The Clarington Official Plan is due for a review to:

  • Ensure the vision for the Municipality continues to meet the community’s evolving needs.
  • Align with recent changes in provincial policy and legislation.
  • Conform to the new Durham Regional Official Plan.

A Special Meeting of Council is required to initiate an Official Plan Review.

Stay informed and get involved!

We encourage your comments now and throughout the course of the Review. If you have comments, require further information, or would like to be added to the project mailing list, please email

Follow this project page to stay up to date on upcoming meetings, engagement opportunities, and reports.

Share an idea!

What matters most to you as we plan to 2051?

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5 May, 2024

Banana says:

You should give homeless people money and food

7 April, 2024

Walkbiketrail says:

Being able to built a garden suite on my acre property in Enniskillen

7 April, 2024

Wilma Fingerdo says:

Invest more in the promotion of the triangle. It really is the best shape.

7 April, 2024

Not a rat says:

We should have a rat mayor

7 April, 2024

Notablindman says:

We should make signs for blind people

20 February, 2024

Girlmom says:

Invest more in sustainable agriculture

11 February, 2024

TeHehE says:

I’m a hockey player maybe another rink?ummmmmmmm maybe a lacrosse arena u mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk of what to put next btw my name is Camryn.

26 November, 2023

Srdfcrs says:

Give lower prices for everything

26 November, 2023

Hally says:

Give all homeless people some money 💴

6 November, 2023

JJ says:


5 November, 2023

Mattc says:

Stop the sprawl

3 October, 2023

Bob says:

We need more arenas for hockey